Driveway Security

We offer a professional and affordable driveway security bollard, security post and security anchor installation service across Bromley and Kent. Our installation teams can complete most bollard installations at short notice and will always leave your property in immaculate condition and remove all waste. We can perform installations 7 days a week across Bromley and Kent, and sell a range of security products.

Our prices for domestic driveway security bollard installations are extremely competitive.

  • Low cost installation
  • 7 days a week installation service
  • Clean & professional service
  • Protect your property with this simple but effective security device
  • Incorporate our security post in to any driveway design
  • Additional security precautions can help to deter theft

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Driveway Security Bollards

These posts can help to reduce motor theft and lower insurance costs. Having a driveway security bollard fitted can greatly reduce your chances of car theft from your driveway.

By placing a physical barrier between your vehicles and the road, potential thieves will be discouraged to steal the vehicle as it will involve making significant noise, taking a long time to remove or having to cause significant damage to the vehicle they are attempting to steal.

We have extremely competitive rates for driveway bollard installations across Bromley and Kent, and offer a wide variety of driveway bollards.

Having a driveway security bollard fitted will help to discourage car theft from your property and in turn avoid you having to pay out insurance excesses in the event of theft.

Ground Anchors

We can install a wide variety of premium Motorbike Ground Anchors. Motorbike ground anchors can help lower insurance costs and drastically reduce the instance of Motorbike theft.

Anti-Ram Bollards

Our Anti-Ram Bollards can be used to protect your vehicle, plant fleet, garage or shop from theft. Anti-Ram Raid bollards can be installed to deter other types of theft.

Signal Blockers

We supply signal blockers to protect car keys, contactless cards and mobile phone signals. These wallets are lined with a specialist RPF material and fits all phones, smart cards and fobs, reducing the ability of thieves to obtain your key signature.

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